The last thing you want to do is be fluent in Spanish, but it’s still on your list.


Why is understanding native Spanish speakers a challenge?
Because we don’t catch the language word by word! We catch the language in chunks.
>I already master Spanish tenses, I did my best, so, why is it so hard to understand when a native talks to me?
Because native speakers of a language are set up to send signals, communicative cues for other native speakers, not for language learners.
> So, what to do?
You have to learn how to listen to native Spanish speakers.
Wanting to work on your Spanish spoken skills?
Available spots for enero (January)
Prior to start we will have a 20 minutes meeting.
Questions, doubts, concerns?
Reach me out at gmail (my only social media).
No time for Face-hook, shut-ter, insta or tako tako.

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