Therapeutic Body Work with Jerri Elena Ridley


I would like to introduce myself to all the newer Expats in need of Experienced Body Work hands from over 20 career years, starting in the state of Connecticut… My name is Jerri Elena Ridley.
I gauge the entire session towards your needs and wants, employing any and all modalities studied and practiced through the 20+ years of professional service experience I enjoyed, and mostly attained, in the Medical Health and Wellness Community I worked amongst, initially in Connecticut.
My experience has taken me through Massage Therapy Offices, Hospitals, Hospice, Rehabilitation Centers, Assisted Living Facilities, Chiropractic Offices, and a Pediatric Office, as well as my own Private Practice.
My educational background incorporates Advanced Deep Tissue and Myo-Skeletal Alignment, Neuromuscular Massage, Trigger Point and Compression Therapies, Acupressure and Reflexology classes/practice, Kinesiology, Muscle Palpation, Sports Massage and stretching, Lomi Lomi, basic Swedish relaxing massage, light energy work, nutrition and herbalism classes. I also taught Yoga.
I am able to send Recommendations quoted from the kind words of previous and present wonderful clients I have engaged with, in Cuenca, for the past 8+ years.
If you have any questions; want quoted recommendations; need to understand more of what I can help you with; and/or, would love to receive a Relaxing or Deep Tissue therapeutic session, I am happy to cater to your needs. Please send an email for any information you require.
A sincere thanks for your consideration of my services!
Jerri Elena Ridley

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