Think before you buy a generator or battery back up


Happy New Year from Energia Nativa!

As the local representative for Ecoflow Power Stations, we would like to put some thoughts out there. Before you invest your hard earned money into an alternative energy system, be sure to ask the following questions. What is the brand I am considering – does it have a reputation? Can I read reviews? Is it self contained or do I need several parts and pieces to make it work? Can I really use all of my household appliances and tools, or only very low wattage ones? What is the warranty and is it realistic to think that service or replacement is available here? Ecoflow hits the mark on all of these and more. The Ecoflow brand is consistently in the top ten for reliability, innovative features and simplicity of use, and carries a two year warranty. The blackouts may be over – for now – but climate changes promise that uncertainty is our foreseeable future. Ecoflow promises a long term, reliable, solution.
Everyone’s needs are different, and for that reason we offer several options in the Ecoflow line, as well as other solutions for more commercial application. From a battery back up that will run your office equipment and localized lighting to whole house solutions (including the freedom to be completely off grid, should you choose to be), we have you covered.

Mary Ann Dion 099 949 8908 (Claro/WA)
Ing. Francisco Andres Batres 098 004 1418 (WA/Signal/Telegram)

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