Thinking of Moving to Ecuador? Take this Short Quiz (#61)


1. An Expat feels compelled to pick up after their pet when on a walk. Are poop bags even sold here?
2. There are two types of prisons here. What are they, and what do they mean, besides the obvious, for those who find themselves in them?
3. An Expat decides to break several $100 bills at a bank. What may they be asked to do?
4. An expat is waiting in line at a bank. What are they very likely to see that is rare in the U.S.?
5. How common are Credit Unions here and which is the biggest?

0. Strongly recommend going to
1. Probably best to go to
2. Consider going to
3. 50/50
4. You might be ok without
5. I need to talk to you about being a content provider. Please go to and click Support.

Alternatively, one can go to Amazon and buy the book Mas Despacio 1,000 things to consider before moving to Ecuador for only $9.99.

Stay tuned for more questions in a few days.
(For those who’ve read more than 10 quizzes, aren’t you even a little curious? It’s only $10 or $20.)

Rick Ochoa

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