Women in Cuenca want to meet expats. But how do you get started?


Where do you find them? How do you approach them? What do you say?

Dating can be difficult and confusing. But the good news is that it is a very learnable skill.
We have been been providing dating advice for men here in Cuenca for more two years and have the experience and know-how to help you find the ideal partner.

Do you ever ask yourself, “Why does that guy have a girlfriend and I don’t?”

It really is all about how you present and market yourself. It’s not enough to just be a “nice guy.”
We’ll teach you how to create romantic chemistry with women and help you enhance your self-confidence, which can make your dating experience more enjoyable.

We can help you in every aspect of the dating process, from profile enhancement, quality photos, and how to respond with conversation that is time-tested and proven. Communication is No. 1 in achieving and maintaining a successful relationship. We’ll show you how.

And don’t worry about being fluent in Spanish. We have access to technology to make communication easy!

We offer a variety of one-on-one coaching sessions and self-serve programs to match your budget.
Contact us for a free initial no-obligation consultation. Your privacy is assured.

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