Year of the Wood Dragon: Taking the Reigns for Creative Transformation (Home & Personal Energy Harmonization)


The Lunar New Year on Feb 9th symbolizes a profound opportunity for internal change. Transitioning into the Year of the Wood Dragon, we shed 2023 experiences, creating space for 2024’s desired seeds to bloom. This Dragon year promises excitement, creativity, and transformation, fostering good fortune, personal power expression, and new opportunities. The wood element signifies springtime energy—quick growth, sudden breakthroughs, and resilient changes. The blend of Dragon and Wood offers a recipe for personal reinvention, akin to a Dragon’s journey from a tiny silkworm to filling the sky.

If you resonate with this energy and would like to harmonize with the expansive promise this cycle offers, Shaman Taita Ivan Navarro can reset your home’s energies or provide a personal shamanic cleansing, allowing a fresh start aligned with your desired direction. Shamanic “limpias” use fire, smoke, sacred plants, and natural elements to clear outdated energies and restore balance.

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Personal Energy Harmonization: $70 (90-minute session, home visit + translation included if needed)
Home Energy Cleanse: $55
Taita Ivan Navarro, an elder medicine man from Chile with 40+ years of experience, specializes in shamanic healing arts. Over the past 15 years, he has hosted temazcal ceremonies, power plant medicine retreats, and private healings & home cleansings in Ecuador.

Mary Colleen Eschenburg


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