You can be a miracle this week for a loving Dog Mom and FAAN


Do you have a loving home with a yard/greenspace and do you live within six hours of Cuenca?
If so, we have an invitation to be a miracle/second chance for a loving Dog Mom and FAAN.

You can help FAAN (Fundación Familia Amor Animal) on our important mission this week. We have the most adorable, adult dogs who are well-behaved inside and outside, loving, great with other dogs, and ready for adoption.
We have an urgent deadline, September 1st to foster and/or adopt the girls before their Mom leaves the country.

Sophie and Maisey, both rescued from horrible conditions in Ecuador are now in need of a second chance for love with a family. Our dear friend who has rescued animals here in Ecuador for many years is bringing three pets back to the US with her, but has been faced with the impossible choice of leaving the girls behind.

These girls should not be placed in the FAAN shelter because they are used to living with a family in their own home and would not do well in a pack setting. Maisey is a 6-year-old poodle/terrier mix and Sophie (5 years old) is a mixed breed which makes her an original.
If you open your heart and home to one or both of the girls, FAAN will offer complete adoption services including transportation with 6 hours of Cuenca and a stipend for food and medical care.
Contact us today at or call me directly.



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