Your CD for Investor VISA with the best interest rate, Cooperativa 23 de Julio Ltda


Hello my name is Marco León and I work in the investment area of the Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito 23 de Julio Ltda and I want to inform you that we are already with our new CD Investment service to obtain an Ecuadorian VISA with the best interest rate.
 You have to open a savings account with your passport
 The minimum amount that you must put to obtain the Ecuadorian VISA is 45,000 usd for a period of 2 years.
 Interest rate that I offer you is 10.35%
 You can receive your interest monthly or at the end of the CD’s maturity.
 If you have money in another country, don’t worry, we also have an international transfer service, so you can send your money directly to our cooperative.
 We have a debit card for the ATM.
 We have online banking
 You can put a beneficiary on your CD and open joint accounts
 And most importantly our AA Risk rating- the best in our country, this shows that we are strong in financial indicators and a solid and safe cooperative.
I assure you that this is the best interest rate on CD Investment.
I leave you the photo of my office, any questions, doubts I am here to serve you.
Address: Cuenca City, Av. Gonzalez Suarez and Calle 13 de Abril
Cell: 099 2913161
Whatsapp: +593992913161

Cooperativa 23 de Julio Ltda.


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