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Whether you have recently moved or have been living here for some time, you should be aware that Ecuador is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire and is more prone to seismic events due to its location in a tectonically active zone. This leads to a series of challenges for homes and buildings in general, especially in the coastal regions, where the threat of earthquakes and tsunamis is a constant concern. But do not forget that the Ecuadorian Sierra is also prone to high-intensity seismic events that put your home and life at risk. Home insurance has never been more necessary than it is now. Not only do seismic events pose a risk to your home in Ecuador, but global warming has also led to unexpected climate changes. In 2022, the Sayausí parish was affected by heavy rains, leaving nearly 250 people and 36 homes affected, in addition to ongoing road collapses that have not been fully repaired. The area also features a geological fault that traverses the city of Cuenca and its surroundings, creating a double risk. Don’t let the rains catch you off guard; get insurance with BBA now. If you want to read more, click on the following link… continue reading

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