3-Piece Modular Bookshelves


This 3 piece set brought from the U.S. is in very good condition. Each unit (12″ x 32″ x 70″ tall) can stand separately or they can be joined together with metal hinges. The set consists of:

1 Bookshelf with 2 adjustable shelves & 1 more adjustable shelve behind 2 doors $200
2 Bookshelves with 4 adjustable shelves $175 each

A comparable set at Colonial costs $1,200+ new, but you can have all 3 for just $500

If you have questions or want to make arrangements to see these bookshelves just call 099 220 3001 after: 9 AM.

I have a lot of other high quality US furniture for sale, so don’t hesitate to ask me for a link to the Google Drive Share



099 220 3001

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