All the Meats and More! King Smokehouse


Hola all you smoke loving friends. Just so you know there is more to King Smokehouse than bacon (while that is our signature item) but we have all the meats!!!! Right now (don’t forget) it’s Burgers and Sauce and Ribs. Our Burgers are big and juicy hand made with the best beef and King Smokehouse bacon in large, delicious patties. Our Carolina Sweet Sally Barbecue sauce is the traditional red sauce you see in the hills of Carolina, And the ribs, oh my, oh my. Tender, fall off the bone and ready to heat and eat (no hours spent over the grill or looking at the smoker – we did all the work for you!). So what’s the connection, you ask? Well, when you buy two burger packages (for a limited time only) you will receive a full-size jar of our Sweet Sally sauce! There is more to think about though = you might have a bit of sauce left over – slather it on the ribs when you heat them, and you will be transported to grilling heaven. And there is more. At our Tienda Gourmet you will fine the best smoked products (pork, chicken, and turkey (seasonal) as well as Mountain Home Gourmet mixes and fixens, cheese and now even ground beef, pork and chicken. Oh, don’t forget the awesome sausage. Not enough for you? Well inside our Tienda Gourmet is also the Cuenca Shop which carries just about anything you would want. My My How Fine!

King Smokehouse


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