Burgers and Birds “Yumminess” from King Smokehouse!


All the Burgers (as only King Smokehouse can do) and Birds (only the finest smoked chickens in King Smokehouse inimitable style). Hand ground, seasoned, burger patties with just the right amount of smoke and ready for your grill or pan – can’t you just taste that goodness. All you need is your favorite condiments. But wait, there are also the birds. Yeppers, the finest, tender seasoned, smoked whole chickens. These are the perfect tasty treat if you want to have the BEST chicken without any prep ! How can that be, you ask? Well, because they are ready to devour! OMG makes you salivate. Well, I don’t want to cook so opt for the ready to eat whole chicken. Now all you need are any side dishes and you are ready to dig in. Hint, these chickens are perfect for an amazing chicken salad as the smoke takes the ordinary to the alts. How to choose? Well, Felix is ready to help. Don’t want to come out to shop during the holidays? No problem. With an order of either 3 packages of burgers OR two chickens he will have them at you home at no (not one penny) delivery cost. Want to come on out to the King Smokehouse well, well, well he is offering you a whopping 10% discount on your burgers or chickens. Goodness gracious. Get ready for some mighty fine eating. This special deal is good thru Friday the 3rd of November. Coronel Talbot and Simon Bolivar.

King Smokehouse



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