Carnival is Coming! King Smokehouse is Ready to Celebrate With YOU!


It’s Carnival time!!! As usual (or always according to old timers) it is raining and chilly. Plus, if you are out and about you will not only get wet from the weather BUT also from all the revelers. Finally, you are home from all the fun and happy chaos looking for some hot comfort food. Look no further than King Smokehouse for a delicious, filling special. Felix has stocked the tienda with an ample supply of his hand cut tender pork chops and delicious sauerkraut. Just brown up your chops and toss in a jar of sauerkraut and simmer (or bake) until done then dig in. Simple, delicious food always. A package special: one package of pork chops and a full-size jar of sauerkraut – together only $13.00! Need a beverage to go with? When you head to the Smokehouse check out all the great options (beers, wine, alcohol, and more). Our tiny tienda (Tienda Gourmet) is your one stop shop for all things delicious. Just across from Parque San Sebastian one of the fun, fun, fun spots for Carnival.

King Smokehouse


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