Designer Curtains at Discount Prices


These custom made curtains by Artex can be machine washed and hang beautifully afterwards, no pressing needed. Originally paid Artex over $2,100, so these are listed at more than a 50% discount and are in excellent condition.

The prices include all hardware (Mounts, Bars, End Caps & Screws). The white are a semi-sheer material and the tan are thicker and heavier. Remember, if your windows are a slightly different size, these can easily be shortened here for a very minimal cost.

If you are interested in multiples or all of them, I could offer a package discount.

Size Color Price
55L x 49W Tan $55.00
85L x 50W Tan $55.00
85L x 75W Tan $65.00
86L x 108W Tan $70.00
86L x 69W Tan $60.00
87L x 120W Tan $90.00
93L x 107W Tan $70.00
53L x 83W White $55.00
54L x 58W White $50.00
86L x 70W White $60.00
86L x 99W White $60.00
92L x 109W White $70.00
92L x 90W White $60.00
130L x 108W White $100.00
86L x 42W Block $80.00

The sizes are all in inches with the Length being the actual length of the curtain and the Width is the width of the window they were covering.

If you have questions or want to make arrangements to see these curtains just call 099 220 3001 after: 9 AM.


099 220 3001

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