Do the Turkey Trot to King Smokehouse for the Best Turkey Ever!


Gobble, Gobble, Gobble time. Yes, Thanksgiving is almost here, and Felix is again offering his tender, juicy, unbelievably delicious Whole Turkeys and Turkey breasts for your Thanksgiving feast.

Felix starts with the freshest, all natural, turkeys . Three ways: 1) raw (Whole Turkeys $3.50/ Breasts $6.00) 2) raw, marinated, seasoned ready to cook (Whole $4.00/Breasts $6.50 3) marinated, seasoned fully cooked and ready to eat (Whole $5.5/Breasts $7.50 per pound). All cooked Turkeys and Breasts include a large container of Felix’s delicious gravy (gratis). All prices include pick-up on your chosen day or delivery. Just send a WhatsApp, call or email to reserve your special turkey. The turkey is the star of the feast, and these are truly the King of the Turkeys and Turkey breasts. All prices are per pound on raw weights.

Not wanting to cook? Well, to complement your centerpiece, Felix offers his signature sides to finish your feast. Mashed Potatoes (from real potatoes with lots of butter, oh yum!) $3.50, Mixed vegetables seasoned and tasty, & Gravy only $3.00. Cranberry Sauce $2.00

Order today as there are limited quantities of these premium birds available and orders close on the 16th. Choose your date, delivery or pick up time, choose your turkey, sides and leave the rest to Felix. Lip smacking good for sure. And of course, Mountain Home Gourmet offers you all the mixes from breads to desserts for the perfect ending.

We are just across from Parque San Sebastian on Coronel Talbot. Yum, Yum.

King Smokehouse


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