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A gentle reminder to all you hammy folks. Ho! Ho! Ho! Felix is ready to make your Christmas Feast the most special ever! Order one of King Smokehouse’s delicious smoked boneless mini hams (serves 4+) for only $16. This scrumptious perfect ham is smoked to perfection then basted in Felix’s secret glaze and brought to you ready to eat or heat and eat – your choice. Only $16 for one but TWO for $30. Save big and enjoy more delicious hammy goodness. Oh, and there is more – each ham comes with a complimentary package of Mountain Home Gourmet Cornbread Mix. ALSO, just for Christmas you can order a smoked bone in ham – pure hammy scrumptiousness. Trimmed, smoked and glazed. The star on top of your celebration (especially if you are having a big crowd). Call or write for availability and price on these (pre-orders only – orders close Dec. 20 so Felix can work his magic)
Truly a yummy deal. Want to flesh out your feast? Look no further than Tienda Gourmet for all those special items, including Mountain Home Gourmet Cookie mixes, Wines and Liquors from Cuenca Shop. Order today
Delivery available (of course) or you are invited to visit our tiny tienda brimming full of deliciousness. King Smokehouse is just across from the beautiful Parque San Sebastian on Coronel Talbot. Call, email, or come by today!

King Smokehouse


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