FAAN’s Black Friday Holiday POP-UP (Sheepskin Rugs, Plastic Surgery Treatments, Art, Jewelry and More)


Celebrate Black Friday with FAAN –50% Discounts on Arts, Services, Travel with 200% of Sales helping us to build the new, Cuenca animal shelter.

Dog House Deals! How about an $800 Laser CO2 Treatment from Cuenca’s renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Victor, Astudillo for $400 or a genuine Sheepskin Rugs valued at $400 for $195?
Visit the FAAN Holiday Pop-Up Store for these items and more and help us build the new home for the dogs of FAAN (Fundacion Familia Amor Animal).

Our dogs are so excited about this holiday season that includes the debut of FAAN’s Holiday Wine, a concert at Cosecha with Gatos Negros, and FAAN’s Amigo Secreto, where you can sponsor your very own shelter dog with your donation of food, medicine, and financial sponsorship. You should see how our shelter pups have posed for their individual Secret Friend Holiday Cards!

Remember FAAN’s Wine to the Rescue photo contest ends this Saturday, giving your best friend the opportunity to be featured on our Chardonnay and Cabernet Wines sold throughout the holiday season to benefit the foundation. Send your pupparazzi photo to info@FAANecuador.org

FAAN’s Black Friday Pop-UP




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