Feliz ano Nuevo from King Smokehouse!


Feliz ano Nuevo from your King Smokehouse. Thanks to all of you, 2023 was a great year! We wish you and yours the best in 2024. We’re not “ribbing” you! No joke here! Felix’s has his oh so spectacular ribs for you RIGHT NOW! What a great way to start the New Year – tender, succulent, perfectly smoked and seasoned ribs, Ready to heat and devour. Best thing for all you rib lovers – for $20.00 you get two packages of these prize winners AND a jar of Carolina Red Barbecue sauce. Yes, that is correct (no typos here). 2 packages of ribs, one jar (regular size – no baby sized jar here) for the amazing price of $20.00. A steal of a deal to get 2024 smoking. King Smokehouse is located just across from beautiful Parque San Sebastian on Coronel Talbot. Take a stroll to Tienda Gourmet (home of King Smokehouse, Mountain Home Gourmet, and Cuenca Shop) the treasures inside are amazing. See y’all soon.

King Smokehouse



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