Head out to the King Smokehouse and Corral Your Deal!


This week King Smokehouse has not one, not two, but three tasty treats on special – and at a special price. Smoking!!! Felix is featuring his burgers. These are not just ANY burger but King Smokehouse hand crafted burger patties ready for you to pop on your grill, in your air fryer, on your stovetop – however you like to cook your burgers. Add your favorite toppings and get ready for the tastiest, juiciest, lots of napkins “burgers”. These burgers are available in Classic Beef, Chicken, or Lamb (with a surprise of Feta cheese inside). At their regular price of $8.00 for a package it’s a great buy BUT BUT BUT he is offering them to you for only $7.00 per package. Now, these are not your ordinary itsy bitsy tiny burgers but almost ½ pound per burger – yes 2# per package. Folks, this is your mix n match – stock up your freezer special. You choose! These burgers are only available while supplies last. Don’t miss out! Mosey on down to the King Smokehouse and corral you some burgers. Yum Yum Yum Mighty fine eating. You will find the King Smokehouse inside the Tienda Gourmet just across from Parque San Sebastian. Orders over $25.00 are delivered gratis.

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The Cuenca Dispatch

Week of October 01

González and Noboa debate offered little more substance than their campaign proposals.   

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Ecuador’s Looming Electricity Crisis: A Deepening Concern.

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Aedes mosquitoes bringing dengue fever to Ecuador, already claiming two lives in Cotopaxi.

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