Let temptation flow. Behind a thermal glass door, the lighting exposes every label of your private reserve.


Discover the elegance of our Electric Wine Cellar at JD’s Muebles. With the capacity to house your wines in style, this cellar not only preserves their flavor but also adds a sophisticated touch to your space.

Key Features:
Interior lighting that highlights each label
Thermal glass door to maintain the ideal temperature
Elegant space for your private wine collection

Immerse yourself in a unique experience with our Electric Wine Cellar. Visit us today at Calle Gran Colombia 21-111 and explore how functionality meets sophistication at JD’s Furniture.

Call or message us on WhatsApp at 0987607059 or 0962710475 for more details or to secure your Electric Wine Cellar.

JD’s Furniture – Where the passion for good taste meets quality. Make every bottle an experience with our electric cellar! 🍇🌟✨”

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