No Shearing or Plucking but Plenty of Smoking!


King Smokehouse is not shearing or plucking BUT we are offering some amazing Lamb and Chicken this week. Tender succulent Ground Lamb and Lamb Cubes hand ground or trimmed so each bite is bliss. Think delicious sliders with a dash of Tzatziki Sauce fabulous. OR mouthwatering Lamb stew brimming with cubes of the finest lamb, potatoes and carrots bathed in a luscious gravy (just need some good biscuits (hint: Mountain Home Gourmet Biscuit Mix) to sop up all that goodness. Round out your week’s great eating with Felix’s over the top and perfectly smoked and ready to eat chicken. Oh YESS! You know you want some. Whole chicken smoked and ready to eat – just need a plate and fork to dig in. Like your chicken in pieces? No problem at all. You will also find chicken quarters and wings ready to go as well. Want to turn your chicken into a perfect Barbecue? Just grab a jar of our thick and rich tomatoey sauce to lightly slather your chicken for that oh so good, southern barbecue flavor. Add some Mountain Home Gourmet Cornbread mix and you are good to go. Lamb and Chicken are priced according to weight and are vacuum sealed (stock up now). King Smokehouse is so convenient – just across from beautiful Parque San Sebastian. Mon.-Sat. for you convenience or delivery available (orders over $25 gratis). Don’t forget your bacon or our other great items. Your one stop gourmet shop.

King Smokehouse


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