Nothing Could be Finer than Ribs from King Smokehouse!


And the ribs, oh my, oh my. These are THE Ribs from Rib Heaven. Tender, fall off the bone and ready eat (no hours spent over the grill or looking at the smoker – we did all the work for you!). Our ribs are sourced from a small farmer who cuts and trims them by hand – no machines here just good old-fashioned farm raised pigs. Then they come fresh to us and we carefully do the final trim, season, rub, and smoke smoke smoke. Once they are perfectly smoked then Felix finishes them off and lightly sauces them, so they are ready for that perfect succulence. Think about some of these delicious ribs served with mashed potatoes (gravy of course) and veggies. What else to take you to piggy heaven? Truly lip smacking good. These straight out of piggy heaven rib dinners are ONLY $7.50. How about that for a Oinker of a deal? It gets BETTER! Order two of these fabulous dinners and delivery is FREE! Order now to be sure your taste buds are satisfied! Delivery will be on Friday the 20th. Orders must be received by noon on Thursday the 19th so Felix has time to work his smoky magic. Grab a package of MHG Cornbread and have hot muffins too! Always the perfect accompaniment. Head off to King Smokehouse today and check out all the other smoked meats, cheeses, sausage, located inside the Tienda Gourmet, just across from beautiful Parque San Sebastian. Coronel Talbot 8-66.

King Smokehouse


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