Power, Endurance, and Security for Your Sliding Door! 🔒🔋🛠️


DKC Motors – Your Ultimate Entrance Solution

✅ Ranging from 230 watts of power to effortlessly support high-traffic doors.

✅ Assured Durability: Internal components crafted from bronze and galvanized iron ensure an extended lifecycle.

✅ Water Resistance: A sealed motor guarantees reliable performance, even in adverse weather conditions.

✅ Galvanized Iron Racks: Precision-engineered for specific measurements, enabling a sturdy and steadfast installation.

✅ Welding Installation Available: Ensuring long-term gate reliability.

✅ 1-Year Warranty: We back our product to ensure your complete peace of mind.

✅ Starting from $360 – Special pricing available for technicians and bulk orders.

Included Features:
– 1 lamp
– 2 remote controls
– 2 meters of rack
– Motor and control board
– Installation (optional)

Secure durability, power, and security for your sliding door with our motor. Contact us: 096 271 0475 – 098 760 7059. Experience the confidence of our 1-year warranty. 🚪💪🔒

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