Rustic Wood Bench Sculpture


Beautify your home with our exclusive Rustic Style Wood Bench, distinguished by detailed bird sculptures on the side columns. The darker wood on the columns elegantly contrasts with the seat and backrest, creating a charming design.

Key Features:
🌲 Rustic style for a touch of warmth and authenticity
🌲 Bird sculptures on the columns for an artistic touch
🌲 Contrast of wood tones for a visually appealing design

With this bench, you not only gain additional seating but also acquire a piece that becomes the focal point in your patio.

Visit us today at Calle Gran Colombia 21-111 and discover how craftsmanship meets comfort at JD’s Furniture!

Call or message us on WhatsApp at 0987607059 or 0962710475 for more details or to secure this Rustic Style Wood Bench with Bird Sculptures.

JD’s Furniture – Where nature meets art. Make your home cozier with our rustic bench!

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