There’s a New Taste Sensation at King Smokehouse!


Yes! Something new and delicious is now at your King Smokehouse. Felix now has pulled turkey. Oh yummmmm. Think of all the amazing dishes you can create with this scrumptious sensation. Don’t miss your opportunity to add this great delicacy to your repertoire of great and versatile foods. But remember. this is not anywhere near what King Smokehouse offers. Felix promises the finest in smoked products for your delight: fabulous pulled pork, tender tasty ribs, ground chicken, chicken and pork sausage. Not to forget his signature bacon and bacon bits. For the best to accompany these you will find a full range of Mountain Home Gourmet products from mixes, to sauces, to sauerkraut (this is the real deal Bavarian Kraut with no shortcuts to the curing). Truly, King Smokehouse has your favorite gourmet treats at amazingly low prices. Come on by and check out all the wonderful delectations. You will find King Smokehouse just across from Parque San Sebastian on Coronel Talbot. Tienda Gourmet – Home of King Smokehouse and Cuenca shop. Yum. Yum.

King Smokehouse


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