Traditional drink Colada Morada


We invite you to try our traditional natural fruit drink, it is made with natural and fresh ingredients, La Colada Morada with bread guaguas. It is the most anticipated thing of the whole year, the tradition is to serve it with bread in the shape of a baby, in memory of those who are no longer with us (the dead.) You can also order the colada morada without sugar. Home delivery is free these days.

-Promocion #1
1litro de Colada Morada = 10$
-Promocion #2
2litros de Colada Morada = 17$
-Promocion #3
3litros de Colada Morada = 24$

-Guaguas de Pan

-2 guaguas de pan = 1.50$
-3 guaguas de pan = 2.25$
-4 guaguas de pan = 3.00$
-5 guaguas de pan = 3.75$
-6 guaguas de pan = 4.50$

To place your order, contact:

WhatsApp: +593 98 527 9571

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