Donate to Change Lives at D´Ellas Second Hand


At D´Ellas Second Hand, your donation can make a difference:

Quality clothing: Give your used clothes a second chance and help someone feel great.
Furniture and household items: Transform your unwanted items into cozy homes.
Books, toys, and more: Inspire new stories and moments of happiness.
Why donate to D´Ellas Second Hand?

Direct impact: Support women and vulnerable individuals in our community.
Sustainability: Reduce waste and promote a more sustainable lifestyle.
Supportive community: Join a community that shares the vision of a more compassionate world.
How to donate?

Visit us: Drop off your donations at Calle Chimborazo L-13 and Esmeraldas.
Home pickup: Schedule a pickup on Fridays.
Your donation can change lives. Join our mission today.

Francis Santiago


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