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Join the sustainability and solidarity revolution with D’Ellas Second Hand!

At D’Ellas, we believe in giving a second life to things and building a more sustainable future for all. We are committed to reducing waste and helping those in need the most.

What are we looking for? Everything in good condition is welcome!

• Clothing and footwear.
• Furniture and household items.
• Electronics and technological devices.
• Toys and books.

How to donate? It’s easy:

Visit us: Find us at Chimborazo Street L-13 and Esmeraldas (behind the La Gloria Stadium) and leave your donation at our collection center.

Schedule a Pickup: Don’t worry if you can’t come! Call us at 096-3878374, and we will schedule a pickup at your home only on Fridays.

Why donate to D’Ellas Second Hand?

• Measurable Impact: We keep you informed about how your donation is changing lives and helping the environment.

• Transparency: We commit to being transparent throughout the donation and distribution process.

Your generosity can make a lasting difference. Help us build a brighter future for all!

D’Ellas Second Hand: Donate today for a better tomorrow!

Francis Santiago



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