Urgent Appeal for Support Against Injustice and Abuse of Power in Ecuadorian Court System


Dear Community,

I write to you with a heart heavy with desperation and urgency. I am a US citizen, a mother of two US citizen children, fighting against corruption and machismo in the Ecuadorian court system. I am entangled in a trial in Cuenca with my abusive ex-partner, who the court has irrationally decided should have custody of our 5-year-old daughter, despite a restraining order against him.

On October 3rd, the court decreed that my daughter should live with her father, tearing apart our family. Despite my pleas for a fair trial, the judge made this decision without considering vital reports from Social Work, Psychology, or medical experts that highlight the abuse my children and I have endured. Even with a restraining order in effect, my daughter is being forced to live with her father.

I am alone in this battle, devoid of family, resources, and networks. I urgently seek your support. I am reaching out for help to find legal representation, connect with organizations aiding abused women abroad/in Ecuador, or raise awareness about my plight to higher authorities. If you have any contacts, resources, or advice that could assist me, please email or message me via WhatsApp. My children’s safety and our rights hang in the balance, and I implore you to stand in solidarity against this grave injustice.

With heartfelt desperation,


Colleen Eschenburg



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