“Empowering Your Health: Uncover Endocrine Disruptor Risks with Expert Guidance in Cuenca


The World Health Organization (WHO) draws attention to approximately 800 chemical substances suspected of acting as endocrine disruptors, with the majority remaining inadequately studied, leaving their risks largely unknown. These disruptors can upset hormonal balance by mimicking natural hormones, interfering with cellular receptors, altering hormone synthesis, transport, metabolism, or elimination, and modifying gene expression related to the endocrine system.

Health implications range widely, from reproductive disorders (infertility, cancer) to metabolic disorders (obesity, diabetes), neurological disorders (ADHD, Alzheimer’s), immune disorders (allergies, asthma), and thyroid disorders.

Endocrine disruptors, whether natural (phytoestrogens in soy) or artificial (BPA in plastics, phthalates in cosmetics), are omnipresent in daily products. Minimizing exposure involves opting for organic, seasonal foods, reading product labels diligently, avoiding certain plastics, limiting use of certain household products, and practicing proper recycling.

In Cuenca, Ecuador, I offer personalized medical consultations encompassing holistic family care. House calls are available for added convenience. Contact me for tailored care:

Dr. Juan Carlos Cárdenas
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Cuenca, Ecuador

Dr. Juan Carlos Cárdenas


+593 993058074

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