Important information from Blue Box Asesores


Dear expat community, today more than ever, we want to emphasize our love for what’s ours and for our own. We rise strong and with the best energies so that despite the storm, our operations are not interrupted, and you are always protected. Through this brief communication, we announce the closure of our physical offices until further notice. We will continue operating via TELEWORK. All our contact lines remain available. We provide you with the contacts of Paola Rodas in the Sierra region at +593 99 275 7029 and Stefany Quijije in the Costa region at +593 95 877 2137. Our advisors will be attentive to any requirement. We recommend visiting our social media channels where we will share important information regarding coverage in case of collateral damage due to the country’s situation. We trust in the swift resolution of internal conflicts that have affected the security and lives of the inhabitants in general.

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