Veterans Day 2023 Thank you to all!


Last Friday November 10, 2023 at 11 o’clock
San Sebastian Park was the home of the first annual Veteran’s Day in Cuenca
About 350 attended MVOC Military Veterans of Cuenca meet monthly
The next meeting is December 4, 2023 Monday at 13:00
Hotel Casa Ordonez The special speaker is Erik Martini
Veterans Day is open to all veterans from all countries including Ecuadorian, Canadian, Netherlands, Colombian, British, and American soldiers.
A special thanks:
Scott Mack our MC welcomed us robustly
Reverend Will Gibson whose prayer brought tears to the eyes of many participants
Brigadier General John Mino the Commanding officer of the Third Military Zone
His Army Band who played numerous tunes and anthems. His translator was engaging. We enjoyed his excellent band and made sure the area was secure with numerous Ecuadorian soldiers under joint direction with Pat Vintimilla.
Consular Chief Mrs. Mary Fisk-Ridder from the Guayaquil Consulate of the United States of America deputy to Consul General Erik Martini.
Magister Felipe Ochoa, the International Relations Director for Cuenca, represented Mayor Dr. Cristian Zamora
Miss Cuenca Serina Maldonado
Veteran Ed O’Connor spoke elegantly of memories of his service.
The coordination team: Clarke E. Brown, Pat Vintimilla, David McDevitt, Hector Munoz, Steve Waxman, Terry Bennett, Ernesto Loucel, and numerous volunteers.
wo presentations of flowers were gladly received by Mrs. Fisk-Ridder and Selina Maldonado.
Next year Mark Your Calendars for the next event. 2024 November 11 Veterans Day 2024

Garnett Stewart


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