Maintaining Your Health During Carnival: Exclusive Health Tips for the Discerning Individual


As Carnival season arrives, so does the potential for health risks. With my experience in healthcare, I’ve noticed an uptick in emergencies during this festive period, including heatstroke, dehydration, sprains, and food and alcohol intoxications.

Precautionary Measures:

Hydration and Sun Protection: Prolonged exposure to the sun necessitates ample hydration and sun protection to ward off heatstroke.
Avoiding Sprains and Injuries: Crowded and irregular terrains call for cautious navigation and comfortable footwear.
Food and Alcohol Safety: High temperatures and unsanitary conditions increase the risk of food poisoning, while excessive alcohol consumption may lead to intoxication. Choose your indulgences wisely to prevent these issues.

How I Can Assist:
Based in Cuenca, Ecuador, I offer comprehensive healthcare services tailored to your needs, including holistic family care, chronic disease management, minor surgical interventions, child and adolescent health assessments, and precise intravenous treatments.

House Calls: I provide house calls post-Carnival for those preferring the privacy of their home, available Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 10 PM, and weekends from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Contact Me: For those in Cuenca seeking medical advice or care, reach out. Fluent in English, I’m here to support both the local and international community.

Enjoy Carnival responsibly, knowing health support is readily available for a safe and joyful experience.

Dr. Juan Carlos Cárdenas

Contact: +593 099 305 8074

Dr. Juan Carlos Cárdenas

+593 0993058074

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