Participate in the Cuenca Animal Rescue 11th Anniversary Raffle


Dear friends, the 11th Anniversary Raffle of Rescate Animal Cuenca has been launched. It is a physical raffle that has 67 prizes. We ask for your collaboration in buying the tickets. Each ticket costs $2; you can request tickets to the numbers 0999454653 and 0983841691.

For the purchase of 15 or more tickets, one of our many volunteers can take the tickets to your house. For fewer tickets, you can pick up them from your favorite places such as Sunrise café, Kolo restaurant, San Sebas café, or Nomads.

The raffle ticket is not virtual. You will have a physical ticket with which you can claim the prize and with so many prizes for sure you will get something!
The raffle will take place on May 3rd at 9 AM and will be live streaming from Facebook Live.
Please help us with this raffle so we can pay the vet bill and help our furry friends.

Cuenca Animal Rescue


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