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The first thing I like to say about David Jackson of Cuenca Nerd, is that he gets things done. Always.

I have many problems in my life related to technology and I’m happy that I know David, because he always has the ability to solve them. Always.

David is smart, creative, committed to his profession, extraordinarily competent, and extremely professional.

He makes sure that I’m up-to-date with the latest new developments. For example, he introduced me to Chat GPT seven months ago, well before any my friends had heard of it.

Because of David, I have access to over 1000 TV channels in the US, access to virtually any movie, current or classic, and it works all great

Other than that, I can’t say much else good about him.

Actually there is one other thing:

Sometimes my problems need to be fixed ASAP!! David will do a remote access to my computer, and solve my problem promptly.

For me that is a very nice benefit.

Having David as my problem solver has help me deal constructively with the rapid evolution of technology. Whether I need advice on buying a laptop, or help in recovering my lost phone, David is always there.

By helping me deal with the mysterious world of technology, he has reduced by frustration and enhanced my happiness enormously.

I’m think he can do the same thing for you.

Name: Cuenca Nerd

Phone: 098 665 5450

Tom Northcote

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