Recommendation for Michael Vargas, Amazon Jungle Tour Guide


Are you thinking about visiting the Amazon? I have the Guy!

I recently enjoyed a fabulous four days with my son in the Amazon, near Puyo.
We were the guests of Michael Vargas, a very old soul, and remarkable man.
The accommodations are rustic, but comfortable. There were so many elements to the time that were very enjoyable.

Michael had different interesting and enjoyable activities scheduled for each day I was there. From hiking to waterfalls, watching how native handicraft is done, shopping at a very authentic indigenous gift shop, etc.
If you are advanced in age or have a disability, Michael provides your personal Sherpa who will literally carry you over any obstacle!!

To me the highlight of the trip, was the celebration of my son’s birthday. Michael supplied the cake, I supplied $20 for whiskey, and my son had a birthday he will never forget, surrounded by a whole coterie of new best friends.

Michael is not only a fabulous host, but he is also building his own sustainable community. His intention is to be able to supply all of his guests solely from his land. He told me his next project was to get several beehives so he will not need to buy sugar.

Michael is the real deal. He puts thought and energy into giving his guests an experience they will enjoy and remember.

If you are looking for a way to have good if you time with the authentic jungle experience, this is the guy!!

Name: Michael Vargas

Phone: 098 452 2834

Tom Northcote

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