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If you missed my picture, boosted post, I highly recommend Carmita Avila and Rescate Animal Cuenca for pet adoptions and animal rescue donations.

Carmita and her group, Rescate Animal Cuenca, have placed over 1700 pets in forever homes since 2013. I got to know Carmita and the group’s good work when I rescued a very difficult to place abused dog I couldn’t keep. Carmita kept with her for two years, sending her to a trainer and eventually placing her in her loving Forever Home.

I supported the dog with Carmita while she worked with her. I still donate monthly. Rescate Animal is a grassroots organization of local animal lovers. They’re not as well known or well publicized as other groups, but are just as deserving.

They are holding an auction to raise funds for vetting, flea meds, wormers, food, coconut oil, etc. They also accept donations, both of needed goods and cash. If you can sell tickets, or if you want to buy them or just donate, you can contact Carmita or donate via PayPal (contact Carmita for PayPal info, I can’t include it here).

Won’t you please consider adding Rescate Animal Cuenca to your Good Works list? Carmita, her group of animal loving caregivers, and many dogs and cats thank you. So do I.

Name: Carmita Avila

Phone: 099 945 4562

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