Recommendation For Valeria Valencia, Home RN


Valeria was recommended to me by Dra. Maite Depreeuw, who first sent her to me for an IV infusion. Since then, she has assisted me weekly with medical needs I am unable to do on my own.

Valeria is experienced, knowledgeable and a joy to have in the house. She and her husband have a lab and pharmacy, so she does blood and other labs, as well as ostomy appliance changes, wound care, injections, vital signs, primary evaluations for medical references, checking and organizing medications and helping patients with health tasks they can’t do themselves, post-op services, etc. Special formulations aren’t a problem. She is also a pharmacist and biochemist, so her understanding of the human body and medications runs deep. She comes to your home. Pricing is very reasonable. If traffic or an emergency holds her up, she calls in advance. Very dependable.

I feel truly blessed to have Valeria on my medical team. She has many advanced IV certifications and first aid training and is a university nursing graduate. I highly recommend her and suggest you call to see if your needs and her skills match. Her English is excellent.

Valeria’s family analysis lab is Expertlab. The pharmacy is Farmacia el Arupo. She brings medications and whatever is needed for labwork. Valeria lets me know when her pharmacy is having specials on my medications.

If you find yourself needing caring, well trained and experienced home nursing, do not hesitate to call Valeria. I know she won’t disappoint you.

Name: Valeria Valencia

Phone: 097-922-5772

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