The best personal assistant, facilitator and paralegal in the whole Ecuador


I would like to highly recommend my personal assistant for the last two years, Sabrina Candela.

Sabrina is truly an amazing young woman. She is the top student in her class at University of Cuenca. She is studying to be an attorney, and she is on her last year of university, so she has top-notch legal knowledge.

She has helped my with many legal aspects like drafting and reviewing contracts and giving me advice of Ecuadorian law when I needed it, and her legal advice is actually better than many lawyers, and her cost is much more reasonable.

She not only is smart, but she is also creative, diligent and fun to be with. If you have needs for a facilitator, a paralegal or a very competent personal assistant I know you would enjoy working with Sabrina.

Name: Sabrina Candela

Phone: +593 93 906 2758

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