Volunteer work for children with cancer (FUPEC)


Dear Expats in Cuenca and all Ecuador,
My name is Alina and I am currently volunteering for the non profit organisation FUPEC (Familias Unidas Por las Enfermedades Catastróficas). The foundation works for people with catastrophic diseases, especially cancer.

At the moment we have a program for this February that’s called ,’Ferrero dorado’ that stands for golden February and means that this month is dedicated to make the people aware of all types of cancer and FUPEC organized a lot of programs for the patients. One of these is for children with leukemia that will receive little boxes with fun toys and other materials.
As you can imagine, that type of work is not always very easy but when you see how thankful the children and patients are, it makes everything worth it.

The heart of our foundation are the people that volunteer and we can always need more help. On the way you can practice your Spanish with the patients. So if you would like to help us realize our programs for the people that need it the most, then we welcome you into the family that always accompanies you.

Sincerely Alina (volunteer in FUPEC)

Feel free to contact us here
tel. 098 703 2442

Name: FUPEC volunteers

Phone: 0987032442

FUPEC volunteers



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