Are you confused by Ecuadorian Real Estate purchase or sale requirements?


Buying and selling real estate in Ecuador is very different than the processes you’re used to in North America or Europe. You need to know your rights and the requirements that you’ll have to deal with. “Ecuador Visas”, headed by Attorney Sara Chaca, works in the real estate law arena every single day. We have to, because we’re the law firm that all of our Visa clients come to and also refer their friends to when they’re buying or selling property anywhere in Ecuador. Contact Attorney Sara Chaca today for free answers to your questions. Or schedule a complimentary phone consult or office visit with her. See her “CuencaHighLife” published article on Ecuadorian Real Estate Closings here, and note that there’s NO such thing as Ecuadorian Title Insurance!:





Phone: 099-296-2065 (Ecuador) OR 1-800-655-1581 (USA)


Physical Address: Calle Larga 6-16 & Hermano Miguel (2 story office building with balcony that shows directly above it the words “Ecuador Visas”)

Attorney Sara Chaca


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