Catlina´s Services


From Catalina ́s Garage, the Catalina ́s Services venture emerged in 2021, given the previous experience of these services that we gladly offer you. We can help you in:

1) Professional cleaning of houses and offices.
We carry out maintenance and in-depth cleaning. We use a hygiene protocol, taking care of your belongings and protecting your health by using your products properly and trying to save them. We adequately handle biosecurity measures, for your tranquility. We have more than 3 years of experience, verifiable.

2) Organization of spaces.
We organize spaces. Cupboards, closets, cellars and files. Everything is organized, and clean, which inspires serenity. We adequately handle biosecurity measures, for your tranquility. We have more than 1 year of experience.
Ask for your appointment, we go to your house, or, via zoom, we will prepare a work plan together and organize the space to your utility and comfort.

3) Moving professional
We classify, organize in boxes and pack your belongings for your move.

4) Elder Care
I almost have 3 years of experience with verifiable experience. Among my services includes: daily bath, help to dress, sanitary hygiene, give medication and treatments according to medical indication, blood pressure taking, preparation of special food, help consume your food, morning walks and accompaniment to medical appointments.
Contact me and I will send you the budget – service form.

Professional profile:
Venezuelan, professional in the environmental area with registration in SENESCYT, trilingual (Spanish: native / English: basic / Portuguese: intermediate).

Catalina´s Services


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