“Dental Vacation” BENEFITS are HUGE for ALL Dental Tourists coming to Cuenca for Bridges/Crowns/Implants/Veneers 🙂


“Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic” CARES about your overall health, with special emphasis on your teeth, which is why as stated above, we’re now providing the following benefits to ALL Dental Vacationers who travel to Cuenca to get their (your) Dental Work done right!:


  • Private English-speaking Taxi Pickup holding a White Sign with your Printed Name on it at Guayaquil Airport (GYE) going straight to your Airbnb or Hotel in Cuenca.
  • Cuenca Airbnb/Hotel stay with breakfast each day (*Ask for details)
  • English-speaking Dentists & Staff
  • All Dental Costs plus any/all Surgeon fees too
  • All Laboratory costs and/or as per any Revisions needed
  • All-On Comprehensive Evaluation of your full Dental/Oral Health
  • FREE Dental Cleaning & Teeth Whitening
  • All Panoramic & Periapical X-Rays
  • All 3-D Dental Tomographies (TAC)
  • All type Medications/Dental Supplies
  • All Occlusal Guards IF needed
  • All Post-Operative Care as well as EVERY Follow-Up visit
  • FREE ($0 Cost) Day in “Volcanic Spa of Cuenca”: Pool, Dry & Wet Saunas, Thermal Baths & Therapeutic Full Body Mud Mask

Just email your most recent Dental X-Rays to the ‘Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic’ (home of Dr. Andres Pacheco as “Dr. No Pain”) TODAY to info@findhealthinecuador.com and we’ll IMMEDIATELY prepare for and send you a plain language English “Dental Treatment Plan” providing you with several relevant options for purposes of planning your Dental Vacation to Cuenca, and of course note that we ALWAYS respond via email in minutes to hours at most and even do so on ALL holidays/weekends!!

Email Addressinfo@findhealthinecuador.com
WhatsApp: +593 98 392 9606
Phones: 098-392-9606 / 07-410-8745 (Ecuador) OR 1-941-227-0114 (USA)
Physical Address: Edificio Medimagen (Second Floor), Av. Pumapungo & Av. Paseo de los Cañaris, Cuenca, Ecuador 010105

Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic



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Week of September 17.

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