FAAN’s Big Drug Deal


It felt like a major drug deal on Tuesday when we arrived at the door of Ital Deli in the Industrial Park and it really was! A drug of kindness! Ital Deli donated to FAAN this week through their Challuabamba store, 160 pounds of Prime Pet fresh animal food that will feed our cats in community foster homes and our 160 dogs at the shelter.

FAAN President, Jose Gomez who cooks for the dogs every day was over the moon and after a long day at the shelter in Tarqui rushed over to our house so we could “make the drop” and keep the fresh food frozen. Thanks to FAAN Volunteers, Ken Lucero and Roz Reymers for making this big deal happen.

At FAAN (Fundacion Familia Amor Animal) we’re on the lookout for businesses “dealers” who want to work with us in raising awareness and funds for the building of Ecuador’s most modern and sustainable animal shelter. (Sponsorship, Products, and Materials, Gift Certificates for our Fall Gala, and Hosting of FAAN Fundraising Events).

It will take a village to transform animal welfare in Cuenca and our business and community partners in Cuenca and around the World are vital.
Be part of making Cuenca known as the “City that Cares” by contacting us or reaching out to businesses you know and do business with us to be a FAAN Business Partner.
Let’s make the next deal.





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