Having Water or Property Right issues?


You’re not alone, as it’s easy to overlook Water & Property Rights in Ecuador when you’re buying your dream home here. At your Real Estate Closing, you may have been confused with the process, but were just so excited to sign all the documents because you couldn’t wait to get your keys! And you assumed that everyone else was looking out for your best interests..Well now, Attorney Sara Chaca will, and remember that it’s never too late to set things right!! Email Sara today for free answers to your questions. Or schedule a complimentary phone consult or office visit with her. Plus, see Attorney Sara’s “CuencaHighLife” published article on this specific theme here!: https://cuencahighlife.com/buying-property-in-ecuador-heres-what-you-need-to-know/

Website: www.ecuadorvisas.com

Email: sara@ecuadorvisas.com


Phone: 099-296-2065 (Ecuador) OR 1-800-655-1581 (USA)


Physical Address: Calle Larga 6-16 & Hermano Miguel (2 story office building with balcony that shows directly above it the words “Ecuador Visas”)

Attorney Sara Chaca



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