Inflation’s destroying the “past” good life in the U.S., plus even Canada and Europe too!


The topic of massive inflation has as of late become super serious, and is now among the very largest of stressors in respect of my often (already) economically struggling U.S., Canadian, plus European clients too.

The absolutely OUTRAGEOUS cost of energy, gas, food, medicine (i.e. doctors, hospitals and pharmacies) in just the U.S. alone is plenty more than enough reason to make one cry, scream, shout and wish that they no longer had/have to deal with the struggles of daily life there simply to survive (say nothing of to thrive)!

Thankfully, Ecuador, in the most recently provided statistics just last month (May of 2022), recorded only a 2.9% annualized inflation rate for the entire country, even though it utilizes the U.S. Dollar as it’s ONLY form of currency and reserves – here’s the proof in the pudding:

This kernel, aside from the fact that particularly with regards to our U.S. Citizen friends, the sheer number and danger from the almost daily (often much more than daily!) seemingly endless mass shootings as well as political chaos/chasms between both Democrats & Republicans, Ecuador in comparison is literally “the land of milk and honey”, in and of its fertile and glowing oasis.  Ecuador is in all its natural beauty and grace, patiently awaiting and calling out to those U.S. Citizens who are just totally fed up with all the nonsense and racket of a forever stressed out life up there, per which Ecuador merely welcomes their initial “Visa-free” (100% free of paperwork & 100% free of price) 90 day entry/visit to its beautiful landscape, along with its people’s friendly smiles, helpful hands and virtually endless supply of inexpensively grown “farm to table” fruits and vegetables, sustainably procured meats as well as nutritional products, which are routinely made/prepared free from antibiotics, fillers and preservatives (and no GMO’s to boot).

It’s not too late to salvage what’s left of your as yet completely eroded savings in North America & Europe, because the time has never been better to relocate to Ecuador.  And at present (even as a present!), some of the most exciting Visa characteristics and options ever available that have recently become exercisable by Expats, simply await yours and their seizing upon, besides of course accessing the previously quite low (plus now even far lower) cost of living in Ecuador, in lieu of what the “price of poker” has been and surely will be ever more so going forward, just to be able to keep living day to day and hand to mouth ‘up yonder’.

Simply call, email or visit the office of Attorney Sara Chaca (“Ecuador Visas”) today so as to get started and have your Residency Visa done right and right away!!

Phone: 099-296-2065 (Ecuador) OR 1-800-655-1581 (USA)
Physical Address: Calle Larga 6-16 & Hermano Miguel (2 story office building with balcony that shows directly above it the words “Ecuador Visas”)

Attorney Sara Chaca

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