My Experience with PREEXISTING Conditions


In nearly 6 years of specializing in health insurance, I’ve gained significant experience and insight. One of the most critical aspects I’ve come to understand is the necessity to declare ALL pre-existing conditions. This is fundamental to ensure no insurance company can deny coverage to its clients. For expatriates, this concept may be particularly confusing, given the differences in healthcare systems between their home country, such as the U.S., and their new residence.

My role as an insurance agent involves clearly explaining what a pre-existing condition means within the context of their health insurance. Typically, each pre-existing condition has a coverage limit, which currently stands at approximately $8,500 per condition, and after a two year waiting period.

To simplify this process for our clients, we provide a comprehensive questionnaire. This document includes various questions designed to help clients recall past surgeries, illnesses, or health complications.

Once it is completed, it establishes a level of confidence for both the client and myself as an agent. It’s a reassurance that, after a two-year period, all declared pre-existing conditions will be covered by their insurance plan.

Therefore, it’s always advisable to read through the insurance documents thoroughly and ask questions if anything is unclear. This underscores the value of having an accessible, dedicated agent who can guide you through the process and ensure your health coverage is tailored to your needs.

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