“Pre-Existing Conditions: What You Need to Know Before Buying Health Insurance”


Most health insurance providers in Ecuador don’t require medical examinations before signing up for insurance; they trust the good faith of the client. This makes it crucial to declare all pre-existing conditions on your application. Failure to do so may result in your pre-existing conditions not being covered.

When visiting a physician, it’s important to specify when the symptoms of your discomfort began. For instance, if you have been experiencing stomach pain for more than two or three months, then get diagnosed with a gastric ulcer, it’s essential to disclose the date when the symptoms began. If you contracted health insurance only one month before, the insurer will request additional information from your physician to determine whether the diagnosis of the gastric ulcer is an unreported pre-existing condition or not.

It’s essential to understand the rules and regulations regarding pre-existing conditions before purchasing health insurance. Always declare all pre-existing conditions and ensure your physician fills out your reimbursement forms correctly. Your insurance agent can also provide guidance and assistance, avoiding any possible misunderstandings.

In summary, understanding pre-existing conditions is a critical aspect of purchasing private health insurance. By ensuring that you declare all pre-existing conditions and provide accurate information to your physician, you can enjoy peace of mind and receive the best healthcare possible.

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