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FAAN (Fundacion Familia Amor Animale) is delighted to share with Cuenca High Life Animal Lovers our latest magazine for FAAN-atics (Volunteers, Donors, and Adopters) who are working to build the first US standard shelter in Ecuador and make Cuenca known as “The City that Cares” about Animal Welfare.

In this issue, read a first-person account of creating your Last Will and Testament in Ecuador and an introduction to our “Heir of the Dog” Program; Discover what dogs teach us and learn more about the emotions of your pet.
You can also read about and sign up for our incredible June Events (a 50th Birthday Celebration Tea at Madame’s at 4 PM, today this Friday, May 26th) and an amazing day trip to the Tarqui mountains Saturday, June 3rd from 9 – 3 PM

You will enjoy Mimosas and a Continental Breakfast at the home of one of our Cuenca volunteers, walk with a play with the FAAN dogs at their temporary shelter, enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Tarqui countryside, and be hosted by an Ecuadorian family for a traditional, vegetarian lunch. If you haven’t yet visited the FAAN shelter join us on June 3rd! We’re a fun-loving pack of animal lovers working tirelessly to change the face of animal welfare through rescue, sanctuary, prevention, adoption, and education.

FAAN (Fundacion Familia Amor Animal)


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