Thinking of Moving to Ecuador? Take this Short Quiz (#10)


1. There is a skinny two-inch long black bug in one’s garden. What should one do?
2. A panaderia has some brownies on display. What might one want to consider before buying one?
3. How likely is a gardener to find packaged seeds in Ecuador?
4. What is Güitig? How is it pronounced? Why does everyone keep asking me if I want some?
5. In Cuenca, a bus passes a passenger waiting at a bus stop. What are the two most common reasons why that might happen?

0. Strongly recommend going to
1. Probably best to go to
2. Consider going to
3. 50/50
4. You might be ok without
5. I need to talk to you about being a content provider. Please go to and click Support.

* Alternatively, one can go to Amazon and buy the book for only $9.99.

Stay tuned for more questions in a few days.

Rick Ochoa

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